Sunday, February 20, 2011

Saturday - Mostly Wind And Dust For Southeast Arizona

Weekend weather event has so far been mostly wind and dust across southeast Arizona. No precipitation recorded in the ALERT network at 6 pm yesterday evening, and only 8 stations in the Catalina mountains had recorded light precipitation by 6 am this morning (note that snow only might have occurred at some high elevations gauges). So POPs of 60% yesterday and last night were too high, as were the models' forecasts of precipitation coverage down here. However, the winds picked up and exceeded expectations with gusts of 40 to 50 mph common. Highest gusts I found were at Guthrie RAWS site with 70 mph - time series there seems to support this observation. Lots of ugly dust, as reported in previous post.
Further north in the Phoenix area things were a bit more active. The above two graphics show time series of surface conditions at Sky Harbor Airport with strong frontal passage indicated around noon yesterday (Saturday February 19th). Showers with and behind the front produced 0.33" inches of rainfall at Sky Harbor.

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