Monday, April 11, 2011

Southwest Texas Burns

In earlier posts about the drought conditions over west Texas, BC had mentioned that they expected a serious wildfire season this spring. Over the weekend several large fires spread across thousands of acres, threatening parts of Ft. Davis and destroying many homes. I had mentioned that this was Cormac McCarthy country. The top photo shows the dust jacket of his "Cities of the Plain", while the bottom shows one of the wildfires burning near Ft. Davis - quite similar.
MH comments: Marfa Public Radio has done a commendable job covering the fires through the weekend with frequent online updates:       
BC comments: "FYI.          has more info on the Midland fire" and attached a MODIS satellite image (below) showing several of the fire scars in southwest Texas - the Ft. Davis fire scar has a thin smoke plume extending to its north-northeast.
A bit more information from BC:  The Chihuahuan Desert Nature Center ( has more info regarding the historic Rock House fire. Last report had the fire up to 250K acres at 60% contained. Burnouts at the Boy Scout ranch were successful, and burnouts/blading around the Girl Scout Camp Mitre Peak saved that area. A Type 1 team is now emplaced at Midland.

It's not getting any better.

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