Sunday, May 31, 2015

Afternoon Update

While Andres was heading west towards its eventual demise, a surprise deepening has occurred and the hurricane is now a Category 3 storm. The three graphics here show (above) a visible image of the storm at 3:00 pm MST; below the current eastern Pacific situation with Andres and newly declared TD Two-E; and bottom, IR image of Andres at 5:00 pm MST. The NHC forecasts Two-E to intensify and become hurricane Blanca.

Meanwhile, here in Arizona, the increase in moisture did occur (see earlier post below) and showers and thunderstorms have developed, as forecast by the WRF-NAM almost two days ago, over southeastern Arizona. The plot of CG flash density above (from is for 6-hours ending at 5:30 pm MST and shows where thunderstorms have occurred.

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