Friday, April 07, 2017

Fire Weather Watch

For a broader perspective I've added the Day 2 Fire WX Outlook above from the SPC.

Will revisit one of my recurrent gripes this morning. The NWS has issued a Fire Weather Watch for portions of southeast Arizona on Saturday. The graphic above at the main NWS web page indicates that Nogales, Green Valley, and Tucson, and points further west, are under this watch area. The high-resolution, gridded forecast for the airport (below) indicates that the watch is in effect at the airport.

But, if one clicks on the detailed hazards or Weather Story links one gets a different story that indicates the watch begins east of Tucson and I-19. This is more than a bit confusing and, in my opinion, is unacceptably sloppy in this era of detailed and fancy forecast graphics. When will NWS catch up with rest of world?

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