Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Severe Winds In Arizona Yesterday

The main severe thunderstorm activity yesterday was the continuing outbreak of storms, with deadly tornadoes in the Southeast. However, thunderstorms developed yesterday ahead of a strong, 500 mb shortwave that crossed northern portions of the state. Regional radar above shows thunderstorms near Las Vegas around 02:00 pm MST. Outflow from these storms enhanced the already strong winds along a cold front, producing severe winds in far northwest Arizona (SPC reports from yesterday below) and also along I-17 near Arcosanti.

The flash density for CGs during the past 24-hours is shown at bottom (from weather.graphics and Vaisala), indicating considerable thunderstorm activity from southern Nevada eastward across much of Arizona and New Mexico. Nothing locally, except more winds and dust and pollen continuing to make things miserable for allergy sufferers. 

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