Friday, April 28, 2017

Sawmill Fire Significantly Contained Yesterday

The Sawmill Fire expanded only a bit yesterday, growing to 47,000 acres by late afternoon. The evening incident report map is above for Wednesday afternoon (April 26th) and a NASA high-res image of the burn is shown below - also on Wednesday afternoon. The red dots were "hot" spots at the time of the image. The fire is reported 40 % contained and Highway 83 has been reopened. 

The 06 UTC 28 April WRF-NAM forecast at the bottom is valid for 04:00 pm MST this afternoon. The very strong winds will continue the challenge to the fire fighters, who obviously want to keep the fire from running up into the Whetstone Mountains, which are between the I 10 and 90 numbers on the image below.

Apparently the fire was started by an off-duty Border Patrol agent who was target practicing on public land and using illegal, incendiary targets.

Some may notice the white plume north of burn area and I'll try to discuss that later today.

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