Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Dry Rest Of Month?

Pristine blue skies over the Catalinas this morning at about 7:30 am MST. Lows over night (below) were mostly in the 20s F, but note the colder temperatures on the mountains. Low here at house was 24 F.

At 500 mb (above) there is a long stream of northerly flow from Canada south across Arizona, with cold low now shifted over the Big Bend of Texas.

GEFS plumes from 06 UTC (above for QPF and below for temperature) indicate slight chances for light rain at airport on last day of January, with moderating temperatures following this morning's cold. 

At bottom is GFS forecast for precipitation through 11:00 pm on January 31st. Little in the way of weather to look forward to through the last week of the month.

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