Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Flash Flood Watch Continues

Just a quick post this morning. View above is from Kitt Peak toward north at about 7:20 am MST. Moderate tower is poking into some sunshine. Looks like some work going on at one of major telescopes.

There was flash flooding around the area yesterday, especially to the southeast around Vail. A flash flood watch continues through noon today for most of southeast Arizona.

Storms produced heavy rains yesterday at some places (only 0.22" here) but there was little in the way of lightning - plot below shows CG flash density from and Vaisala for 12-hours ending at 6:45 am. Very moist and tropical atmosphere produced heavy showers with little ice involved aloft. 

Amazing how fast everything is growing after a few consecutive days of rain.

Today's TWC sounding continues with 2 inches PW and considerable CAPE if there were sunshine or some forced vertical motion. The 500 mb analysis for 12 UTC below is from the NAM. As for significant organized circulations, there are none south of northern Nevada and Utah. Vertical motion and storms will continue very dependent upon smaller-scale forcing.

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