Friday, October 18, 2019

End Of Another Dry Week

Heavy, low clouds on the Catalinas this morning, but little threat of any rain. Satellite image below, from a bit after 7:00 am MST, shows low clouds over much of southeastern Arizona. Perhaps some light showers up in White Mountains? 

Our warmer than normal and very dry weather continues here in Tucson.

Outlook for rest of month continues grim. The forecast above (from 06 UTC GFS run) is valid way out at 06 UTC on November 1st - closest rainfall/snow forecast is up over northern Colorado and along Continental Divide down in Mexico. So model forecasts indicate that October will end up here having had no precipitation. There have been three other Octobers since 1999 with no precipitation here at the house.

Photograph below shows that Yosemite Falls isn't, as it also awaits some rain or snow to produce a flow again.

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