Thursday, October 31, 2019

First Freeze Here At House

View of above, from yesterday morning, is of cirrus uncinus over the Catalinas.

The morning WRF forecasts still indicate gusty east winds developing here later this morning.

Above plot (from MesoWest at Univ. of Utah) shows the low temperatures here in Tucson this morning. As usual there is much variability across the region due to the terrain effects, with warm spots near Redington Pass and east end of Catalinas and coldest along the washes. The low here was 28 F; first freeze of Fall/Winter at house (versus 39 F on Mt. Lemmon and 40 F on Mt. Hopkins). Note that this is two weeks earlier than first freeze last Fall. (Edited - I looked back at 2017 and first freeze here at house was not until December 8th!)

Above shows Freeze Watches for this morning from NWS yesterday. For comparison, plot below (also from MesoWest)  shows regional lows recorded this morning - generally pretty good comparison but airport at 32 F was bit colder than forecast. Note several readings in the teens, and the 13 F at the cold spot west of Tombstone. Problems apparent at the grasslands research area (north of Mt. Hopkins) where plot indicates -90 but color code seems to indicate low in 40s.

Extreme dryness continues with PW very low (plot below is time-series of GPS PW on campus). Dry and itchy eyes and skin probably affecting lots of people in area.

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