Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Much Better Storm Event Than I Expected!

East winds set in around 11 am to noon; temperatures shot up to around 105F; and slow moving storms developed all around the metro area. Much better coverage than I'd expected with the east winds, which usually leads to storms to the west of Tucson metro area. there were also many more wind damage reports across southern Arizona than I would have anticipated with no winds above the boundary layer. So, to me, a surprising day.
Top image shows lightning CGs around 2:50 pm, as we were having a nasty electrical storm here at house, but not much rain (total here only 0.12"). Steve Mullen, who was only about a mile away, reported urban flooding and at least an inch of rain near Campbell and Ft. Lowell at about this time. Middle image shows Tucson radar composite chart at 4:52 pm this afternoon. Bottom image shows the rainy view looking north from campus at 5 pm (all times MST).
At 5 pm a scan of the ALERT gauges showed 57 of 93 gauges with rain in last six hours - so about 60% coverage during the day - again, far more than I'd expected. Amounts were all over the place, but two gauges had just over an inch.

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