Thursday, October 21, 2010

Cool And Damp

While the cutoff low brought a big weather event to southern California, it has not produced much rain over southeast Arizona. Perhaps some more showers as it swings on by during the day today. So far it has been mostly a damping and a cool down. Top image shows Kitt Peak in the clouds this morning, and middle image shows the Catalinas with some low stratus hanging along the foothills and broken clouds above. Amounts of rainfall overnight have been quite light - could not even find a site in the southeast that had 2/10s" and most amounts have been around a 1/10" or less - 0.08" here at the house this morning. The change is nice, but a bit more rain on the ground would have been nice. The Pima County ALERT network had about 50% of measurable rain this morning and the gauges in the central metro area cane in with 80% coverage.

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