Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Another Strong Winter Storm In The Northeast

Another storm is dumping snow in the Northeast this morning. The 13 UTC surface plot (top) shows that the low was centered near Cape Cod this morning. The middle photo is a webcam shot of the Albany-Rensselaer Station in New York this morning and the bottom photo shows the Harvard Science Center near Boston. I saw a news headline this morning stating that there is snow cover today across all of the continental states except for Florida. Both the East and West coasts are having quite a winter.
Here in southeast Arizona there has not been much weather of note yet during 2011. It has been quite cold here at the house in the mornings. The stretch of consecutive days with lows of 32F or colder has reached 13 mornings now. Coldest of these was 17F and mildest was 30F. The low this morning was 29F, even though there was quite a bit of cloud cover during the night. Brrrrr.

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