Monday, January 31, 2011

Quite An Event Here At House!

What a surprise here at house. I was away to the Post Office and strong convection came winging in from the Tucson Mountains between 11:30 am and noon. Where I was, near River and 1st, there was a lot of graupel mixed in with the rain and some wind. When I arrived home, there was 0.75" in the gauge with some graupel still melting (final total 0.76"). Apparently this was pretty localized, since I noted at 12:30 pm that  only 10 ALERT gauges had had any precipitation (except up in mountains where it has probably been all ice and not detected). At 7:00 pm this evening, only 24 of the 93 ALERT gauges have had precipitation (again with the ice caveat). Gauge with highest amount was Rillito at Dodge (about a mile away to the east) at 0.20".
So a big event for the house and regions immediately to the northwest of here! We have solar panels being installed and the three guys working on the project were just leaving when I got home. I asked them if there had been any lightning or thunder here and they said "No" just lots of rain and ice falling along with strong west winds. I also noted on the max/min thermometer that the tempersture had fallen to 39F during the heavy rain/graupel shower.
Photo above shows snow showers trailing off the west end of the Catalinas about 5:30 pm this evening (Monday January 31st).

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