Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Not Below Freezing This Morning!

This morning was the first in quite a while that the low temperature did not fall to 32F, or below. Low this morning was 35F. But for the previous 19 days the low was freezing or colder. During that period there 3 days with lows in the upper teens and 8 days with lows of 25F or colder here at the house. If we conisder daily lows (low temepratures at any time during the day) then the string of freezing or below was 22 days. The low temperature here at house has been below 40F every morning after the 23rd of December.
Edited to add some perspective. I've only been keeping daily lows since the winter of 2005/06 here at the house. The previous longest run of freezing and below lows was in Dec/Jan of 2007/2008 and that one was 14 mornings.
Precipitation - none since December 30th. Beginning to look like January could be a precipitation free month. The short-waves digging down the east side of Pacific ridge don't have a good trajectory for southeastern Arizona, and very long-range model forecasts don't show any particularly good-looking systems. Have had to water down the plants twice this month and will likely have to do so again next week.

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