Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Another Dry-Out From The East

There were isolated thunderstorms again yesterday afternoon with generally light rain amounts. The airport and DM AFB both recorded thunder and very light showers. Here at house we had a nice, cool outflow in the late afternoon, around 5 pm MST, that broke the 100+ heat - but no rain. Douglas had a severe thunderstorm with gusts to 60 mph a bit before 6 pm. Across the ALERT network 14 sites (15% areal coverage) had rainfall. Amounts were quite light, however, Avra Valley Airpark measured 0.47".

Strong east winds will bring the second intrusion of dry air across the metro area this month (the first started on August 9th). Above is early WRF-GFS forecast of surface conditions across the metro area at 4 pm MST this afternoon - not a pretty picture. The forecast of PW at the same time is shown below, indicating that the model keeps central and western Pima County in the more moist air. Bottom is the forecast of composite radar echoes at 4 pm, with storms from south to west of the metro area. Today will be hot with desiccating east winds - saw that Mt. Hopkins RAWS had east winds at 33 gust to 44 mph a bit ago. It will be interesting to see if significant storms can make a come back before the end of August.

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