Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Shelter From Isaac

Hurricane Isaac remains near the Gulf Coast, south of New Orleans. Heavy rains and the storm surge are causing much misery, as many have been ordered to evacuate (above photo by Carolyn Cole, LA Times).

The surface plot from 1345 UTC this morning (above) shows the center of Isaac's circulation south of New Orleans, with widespread heavy rains. IR image at 1315 UTC is shown below.

In contrast, here in southeastern Arizona we will deal with more dry heat. This morning's skewT plot of the Tucson sounding (above) indicates dry and stable conditions. Winds are becoming light, with only some east winds of 20 to 30 kt left in a layer around 600 mb. Conditions are more moist out in southwest Arizona - Yuma reports a Td of 77F at 7 am MST this morning. Remains unclear as to whether Ileana will have any impacts on southeastern Arizona over the Labor Day weekend. No WRF-GFS run this morning.

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