Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Texas Dust Heading Westward

Strong northerly winds yesterday produced a dust storm over the southern High Plains. Photo above is from Amarillo, Texas. The dust is visible in the satellite image below - it is the solid area of gray-white that covers the Texas Panhandle and most of west-central Texas.

This morning some of the dust has made it into southwestern New Mexico on strong easterly winds. The remnants of the dust storm may make it to the Tucson metro area, as east winds will be on the increase here this afternoon into tomorrow. The surface plot below (for 8 am MST this morning) indicates that dust is being observed from El Paso west to the Arizona - New Mexico border. Surface pressures are much higher, both to the north and also to the east of Tucson.

Edited to add: Below is the forecast of 10-m winds (from the early run of the WRF-NAM model at Atmo) that is valid at 9 am tomorrow morning (May 1st). The model forecasts very strong winds for the Tucson metro area during the early morning hours.

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