Saturday, April 12, 2014

Windy Afternoon

We were out northwest of Sonoita (almost directly downwind from Mt. Wrightson) this afternoon and it was very windy. While gusts around and over 30 mph were common today, I observed a few gusts early this afternoon that I estimate were in the 50 to 60 mph range. I see in the paper this morning (Sunday) that the flight performance of the USAF Thunderbirds was cancelled yesterday at DM due to the strong winds.
As for the extremely low dewpoints noted in an earlier post. Jack Diebolt sent the following:

Hi Bob!  I’ve been in KC for the past three years, but keep caught up on TUS weather via your blog.  I see you noticed the low TD/RH yesterday as well.  I placed a comment on NWS Tucson’s Web Page and got this response.. it also appears some others noticed as well!

Jack D

From TUS NWS (Facebook?) below. NWS seems to be saying the Vaisala RH sensor, in combo with ASOS software, can produce questionable results at low relative humidities.

Sorry for the small font - can't seem to get it larger.

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