Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Back In Tucson

We have been on a road trip since last Friday morning and have just returned. We were in Winslow this morning, where the low temperature was a pleasant 58F. However, when we rolled up to the house this afternoon the car thermometer was registering 104F - ugh. Quite hot after our trip, which was mostly cool and damp.

This afternoon, I see that storms and MCSs in northern Mexico are trying to push more moist air northward into southeast Arizona, but that a battle is underway between moist and the dry air centered over northwest Mexico and southeast Arizona. At this time storms have developed over parts of Cochise County and a fairly pronounced outflow has pushed well northward into that county. Will be interesting to see how things stand tomorrow morning.

Above graphic is TUS composite radar echoes at 0115 UTC on 7 August and below is IR satellite image from 01 UTC, showing the widespread, cold cloud tops over Mexico. -

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