Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Yesterday's Thunderstorms - Part 2 Rainfall in Eastern Pima County

Photo above is from Computer Science building on campus looking north toward the west end of the Catalinas at 2 pm MST. This was about that time that we had thunder and some rain here at the house and was entire "event" here, producing only 0.21" of rain. Although heaviest rains were anticipated for evening and early nighttime for eastern Pima County, the event had mostly ended by evening. The IR satellite image (below for 8:30 pm MST) shows that very cold cloud tops had shifted to the north into central Arizona and also to the east of Pima County.

Across the ALERT network 85% of the sites had recorded rainfall for the 24-hours ending at  6 pm MST yesterday - 34 sites recorded a half inch or more; 16 sites recorded an inch or more; and 1 site (Golder Ranch near Catalina) had over 2 inches. However, for the 12-hours ending at 6 am this morning only about 35% of the ALERT stations recorded additional rainfall and those amounts were quite light wrt to the daytime events - plot for Catalinas below.

Same two plots for the west Metro portion of the ALERT network - note that the rainfall "doughnut hole" continues to hold sway over much of the main portion of metro Tucson. So it goes for most of summer 2014 to date.

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