Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Very Heavy Rains On Rincon Mountains Last Evening

This morning (7 am MST August 19th) heavy clouds are obscuring the mountain tops of the Catalinas (view above is from Atmo looking toward the eastern Catalinas) and the Rincons. The plot of CG flashes (below) through midnight last night shows that thunderstorms tended to stay on the mountains yesterday - with the exception being storms over parts of the metro near and after dark. There were two vivid displays of lightning here at the house and one crash of thunder that was so loud I heard it, even though I didn't have my hearing aids in. Unfortunately, there were only a few spits of rain and we had only a Trace here.

There were 51 sites in the ALERT network with rainfall during the past 24-hours, mostly across the northeast portion of the network. There were 9 sites with over an inch of rain, and 4 with more than 2 inches. The heaviest report was 4.13 inches at Manning Camp in the Rincons. Shown here are the ALERT metro east/Rincons sector (above) and the Catalinas sector below. Not surprisingly, the Rillito was again flowing this morning and flow around midnight reached almost to 3,000 cfs.

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