Friday, August 01, 2014

Mike Olbinski's Chase July 26 and 27th

Mike Olbinski has put up a blog post about his chase last weekend. I've shown storm photos he took near Wilcox in an earlier post. The blog post covers his entire, wild outing and has a number of photos of severe thunderstorms west of Casa Grande (along I-8) around 3 am on Sunday morning.

This second link is to a rotating updraft video he shot, again near Wilcox, just before dark on Saturday.

Here are some additional images:

Above and below are regional radar plots for 2 and 3 am on the 27th. The severe storms are moving west-northwestward, rapidly, across a very desolate region.

The blue cross-hairs in image above shows Mike's position along I-8 at the time he took the photo below (looking south toward the storms along a side road).

He then re-positioned westward and took several photos looking southwest to west along I-8 (i.e., looking toward Gila Bend).

Thanks to Mike for sharing all of this!

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