Saturday, February 13, 2016

Bitter Cold NE; Continued Warm And Dry Here

The weather action continues over the northeastern third of the country with some snow and very cold temperatures. Web Cam view above is of Niagra Falls at 9:24 am EST this morning.

Here in southern Arizona it was a very warm week with highs at Tucson (from Monday through Friday) of: 81 (32), 83 (34), 84 (36), 85 (37) and 87 (37) F. The temperatures in parens are the lows here at the house, showing the large diurnal swings during the daytime each day (48 - 50 F).

The operational GFS model's forecast (below) continues to keep it dry here for the next week. The forecast below is for total precipitation from 5:00 pm MST last evening though 5:00 pm on Saturday, February 20th. More Chamber of Commerce weather for us - maybe after Washington's Birthday we'll see a change?

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