Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Spring Brings Our Annual Battle With The Doves

First, the emphasis for end of week will continue to be on clouds and perhaps some sprinkles, as models continue to keep low-levels very dry. The GEFS plumes have been down since February 10th (they are an experimental product) and so there's been nothing to show from that product. The operational version of the model continues to forecast very dry conditions for New Mexico, Arizona, northwestern Mexico, and southeastern California through the next 10 days. So it will be up to March to make or break this super El Nino winter for southern Arizona.

As spring approaches each year the doves begin nesting, and here at the house there are three spots that remain favorites for them. Above photo shows top of beam that holds up the front porch roof - yes, it is perfectly flat with no real anchors for a nest. But, at least one pair tries to nest here every year. There is a pathetic attempt at a nest that produces mostly debris on the porch. Inevitably. several eggs splat down also - watching this effort makes us wonder why they haven't gone extinct.

Photo below shows the garage door opener in the carport. This is their favorite spot, and I fight hard to keep them out - the result is always messy, even though I have tried to block the area with a box. The nest debris falls over the cars and floor and also clogs the opener lights. A close look shows twigs and stuff already forced into the tiny space between the box and the beam.

The third spot is relatively new and also perfectly flat - the top of the monitoring system for our solar panels. I gave up on this spot and now just tape a box in place for them. Photo below shows a female already nesting atop an egg or two. This pair produced 6 to 10 new little doves last spring and summer, which of course explains why the doves don't go extinct.

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