Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Warm Week Ahead

We had a very nice sunset yesterday, highlighting the contours of the Catalinas under clear skies. The ASOS at the airport reported a high yesterday of 81 F yesterday after a morning low of 39 F. The low here at house was 32 F, so the diurnal temperature changes around the metro area were in the 45 to 50 F range. There were gusty winds at times, so there was a bit of "weather."

The morning forecast from the NWS (below) for the next week is somewhat monotonous. Highs are forecast to range from 80 to 83 F with the lows all week falling into the range 45 to 48 F. Looks like a perfect week to get out-of-doors and also to tackle early spring yard chores. Those forecast highs are around 10 to 15 F above typical values for this particular week of the year.

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