Monday, February 01, 2016

Very Windy With Some Rain

There are numerous advisories and warnings in effect this morning from the NWS, as per the colorful map shown above.

It was indeed "breezy" yesterday afternoon and during the night. Across the state many to most reporting sites had wind gusts of 35 to 55 mph. Here in southeast Arizona the highest gust I saw reported was 75 mph at the very exposed and windy Guthrie RAWS site, while Pioneer Airfield and Safford  ASOS stations recorded 50+ mph, and Mt. Hopkins and Muleshoe RAWS also had gusts over 50 mph. Edited to add: Art Rangno reports a gust during the night of 67 mph at his weather station in the north part of Catalina, on the other side of the mountain.

The cold front moved across the metro area around midnight, with the associated strong wind gusts causing numerous power outages just before and after the front moved through. The outage map below is from TEP around midnight - power was out here around 11:00 pm MST, and I'm now trying to figure out how to bring the clock in my desk phone back to life.

The precipitation amounts were very much as predicted by the GEFS and WRF models, with a generally light precipitation event, except in the Catalinas and Rincons. Here at the house there is only 0.13" in the gauge at this time. Map below shows ALERT amounts at about 6:30 am. Amounts were a bit higher over eastern portions of the ALERT network, with some rain amounts on the north side of the Catalinas reaching a half to three quarters of an inch.

There were numerous thunderstorms with this event over northern Arizona and also in the Phoenix metro area. Some stations from Prescott to the Grand Canyon to Flagstaff had periods of thunderstorms with snow. 

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