Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Back Online

Had serious PC problems this morning when malware locked me down. Katie helped get me back online just a few minutes ago. So, limited input today.

As of noon today (above - only ALERT sites with measured rain were in the Catalinas and Rincons) the "event" has pretty much been a no show, except for light precipitation in the high elevation zones. Low elevation forecasts pretty much a bust. The model trends yesterday were, unfortunately, right on, as the AR that brought big rains to San Diego area weakened and just brought clouds to our part of Arizona.  The 12 UTC WRF forecasts form Atmo continued the down trend with forecasts of no rain at all for much of the local area.

There are isolated showers around now, so still a chance for a few low-elevation spots to get a bit of rain. However, this has been mostly another lost opportunity.

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