Sunday, May 13, 2018

Fire Weather Graphics - NWS Products Out-Of-Sync

First - past week was not a pleasant one - especially for all of us allergy suffers - seems to be the worst season in a number of years. Wind and dust and hot sums it all up. Morning view of Catalinas from campus captures some of the lingering dust, pollen, and pollution that is still hanging in our air.

The airport reported six days with temperatures of 100 F or higher (Saturday the 5th through Thursday the 10th), while DM started on Friday the 4th and had seven days in May of 100 F and higher. Summer thunderstorm season is still far off - but definitely something to long for.

I know that this rant is futile, since no one at any management level of the NWS seems to care, but I just can't stomach inconsistent graphics, especially after the huge effort to develop high-res gridded hazard and forecast products. The NWS seems to be lagging years behind the private sector in their graphics efforts.

This morning there is a Red Flag warning in effect for parts of southeast Arizona - officially the Tucson metro area is NOT under this warning. But for someone looking mostly at graphics from NWS the answer is YES it is for some click and view products. Above is from NWS Tucson homepage and shows the actually warning area - but below is also from TUS homepage and positioned right under the map above.

Above is from the regional digital forecast, accessible from down at bottom of NWS TUS homepage - not sure where this graphic is generated, but it does show the actual Red Flag area. But the same product from the national hazard map (below) shows the inaccurate Red Flag area. Down at the bottom is the current grid point forecast for the airport - so official point forecast has TUS under a red flag but the official version of the Red Flag warning area does not.

I'll try to shelve this particular rant for as long as I can stand looking at inconsistent products, such as these.

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