Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Update On View From Mauna Kea

Hi Bob,

The webcam image from the CFHT you posted this morning is looking close to due east. This would place the glow from Hilo on the right (SE) and the rising sun to the left (NE).

- Carl
Carl Hergenrother sent the message above re my interpretation of yesterday's image from Mauna Kea (above is view this am). Since the camera is looking east, Hilo would be to the right of image, so perhaps (since Hilo appears to be under clouds this morning), the brighter glow might be associated with the eruption. Satellite view of Big Island below shows locations of Hilo and also of Pahoa - which has been seriously impacted by the lava flows.

Down at bottom is Old Faithful doing its thing this morning in Yellowstone NP. Cam images here from Jack Hales website.

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