Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Cold Mornings And Warming Afternoons This Week

Quick recap of yesterday's winds: Most ASOS stations in northern Arizona reported gusts over 40 mph yesterday, with Winslow the highest at 64 mph. In southeastern Arizona the only ASOS observation of over 40 mph I found was at Pioneer Airfield (gusts to 41 mph). The RAWS sites at Guthrie (48 mph) and at Hachita Valley (62 mph) were only sites I found over 40 mph. Hachita Valley is in the New Mexico Bootheel.

The forecasts here the GEFS mean 500 mb charts: above is 84-h valid at 12 UTC on 25 January, while below is for 168-h valid at 00 UTC on 25 January. Strong ridge continues along the West Coast on North America north to Alaska, while cold trough persists over the eastern U.S.

Forecast at bottom is total precipitation forecast through 00 UTC on 30 January from the 00 UTC WRF-GFS run at Atmo. Dryness here in Southwest continues, perhaps through end of month.

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