Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Fast-Moving 500 mb Short Waves Much Of Coming Week

Skies have cleared in our area at sunrise today - north view from Kitt Peak above at 7:00 am MST.

I have grabbed three forecasts (500 mb and Surface) from the 00 UTC run of the ECMWF. The valid times of the charts shown here are: 00 UTC 19 January; 00 UTC 21 January (middle); and 00 UTC 25 January (bottom). The West Coast ridge intensifies, then weakens as a short wave breaks through, and then becomes very strong by end of next week. Significant storms occur during this 216-hour period for the Northwest (early), then two significant snow storms are forecast for Plains, Midwest, and East Coast for rest of period. We are brushed by the the western portions of two short waves - bringing perhaps more chances for sprinkle-showers in eastern Pima County.

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