Sunday, March 03, 2019

February 2019 Summary

Another cold and wet month. Number of days with morning low of 32 F or colder was 14; number of days with 28 F or colder was 5. Coldest morning here was 22 F on the 12th.

Days that had measurable precipitation was 9, with total for month coming in at 2.80" - making this the wettest February in my 20 years of record here. There have been only 3 Februarys here with 2" or more. There was some snow on the 22nd (above) that left a measurable amount of moisture in top of gauge to be measurable, but only a slight bit stuck on the ground. A little too low and warm down here in Rillito for snow covering ground, but parts of  metro area had snowfalls of 2 to 6".

The new week may bring chances for more precipitation by end of week.

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