Friday, July 02, 2010

Brief Summary Yesterday 1 July 2010

Nice summer set yesterday - photo above looking west-northwest from backyard. Here at house there was little to report. Could see some showers on the mountains but didn't hear any thunder. There were a few spits of rain in the the afternoon giving us a trace, and a nice cool wind from the Rincons in the evening. The airport carried a brief thunderstorm and a trace of rain. Douglas had a real thunderstorm and got 0.29" of rain. Only two of the 12 RAWS stations in southeast Arizona had rain (0.02" and 0.03") but here in eastern Pima County 27 of the 93 ALERT gauges measured rainfall - these were nearly all higher elevation gauges - and Rincon Creek came in with 0.43". The rain distribution yesterday illustrates that the change in Zone definitions coming this fall will yield some challenges. The higher elevation zone yesterday had POPs of about 100% and the lower elevation zone had POPs of about 0%.

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