Thursday, July 29, 2010

PW Climos

David Blanchard left a comment this morning on your post "Extreme Moisture - Still No Winds":

KFGZ PW reads a bit higher than GPSMET today. Nonetheless, these very high readings rank at the 99.9 percentile for all soundings at KFGZ (1996-2008).

Truly an extremely moist air mass.
David adds note that: Thse plots combine data from both KFGZ and KINW. There is over a 2000 foot difference in elevation between these two sites and a large difference in PW climatology.

For example, the 75th percentile of PW at KFGZ roughly corresponds to the 50th percentile at KINW.
I have have posted the long-term precipitable water climatologies from the sounding data above. These have been calculated by Matt Bunkers, SOO at Rapid City, and are available through the following Central Region URL for the entire CONUS.
Have just checked current GPS PW values (about 3 pm MST) -
Flagstaff 1.33"; Tucson 1.79"; and Phoenix an amazing 2.18"

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