Thursday, July 01, 2010

Convection and Isolated Storms Cover Most of State

Fairly anemic convection over most of the state again this afternoon. Perhaps there'll be some stronger developments by evening? Tucson airport just reported thunder and an outflow that cooled temperature into the upper 90s. Updrafts overhead here, with building towers and some spits of rain - so some hope.
Mike Leuthold reports from Maine -

Wow, you guys are really suffering in AZ especially at night, I see, due to the increase in moisture and the really strange strong SE flow. We're in Maine now and temperatures have been running in the low 70's here on the coast for high temperatures-I'm afraid to come back to AZ.
I've been keeping tabs on the WRF runs and though I'd bring to your attention today's run that has forecast a surge by 48 hours or so [48 hour Td forecast in bottom image]. The WRF GFS is a little stronger, but, as you say, the battle continues as the WRF keeps the surge out of far western AZ. It looks like the 3rd will be the most interesting day so far.


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