Monday, July 12, 2010

How Dry Is It?

Afternoon satellite image shows very distant storms at 4:30 pm on July 12, 2010. View of Catalinas from Computer Science webcam shows - if one looks carefully - two tiny cumulus over the mountains. Which leads me to ask how bad and how dry has the start of summer 2010 been here at the house in north part of Tucson?
I have daily rain records here since summer 1999 - so, I can examine the 11 past years. During NONE of these years did I not have measurable rain and thunderstorms before the end of the day on July 12th. So, 2010 has been the latest and driest start of the summer thunderstorm season, since I started keeping records here at house. Art Douglas' summer outlook, posted here last month, certainly seems on track.
The year with the least rainfall through July 12th was 2002, with only 0.10". However, three years had more than 2.00" at this date, and five of the eleven years had more than 1.50" at this date. So, this year's summer has started out very seriously dry. I'm heading outside to water some dessicated plants in the yard.

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