Sunday, November 16, 2014

Cold Front Now Across Most Of State

View of Catalinas (above) shows moderate Cu over the mountains at 7:30 am MST this morning (Sunday, November 16th). The MesoWest surface plot (below) is for 4:30 pm and indicates that the cold front has now crossed most of the state. The gusty winds (gusts are in red) were much as forecast by the WRF-NAM yesterday. Saw gusts over 40 mph earlier today at Yuma, and there were reports of blowing dust in Yuma and Phoenix areas.

Time-series of the surface observations for Luke AFB (above) and TUS (below) show that dewpoints have plummeted with the passage of the cold front. Luke Td is below 0 F and TUS has fallen into the teens. Places where the winds set will be very cold (for southern Arizona) the next two mornings. If the winds go calm here along the Rillito, I expect we'll see temperatures into the 20s. Low here at house ahead of the front this morning was a chilly 38 F.

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