Friday, November 14, 2014

Colder Air From The North Late Sunday

Chaotic skies this morning with a mixture of high clouds and low clouds hanging on the high mountain tops. Views here, from just after 8:00 am MST, are of Catalinas from campus (above) and from Kitt Peak looking south (below).

As a strong, short wave crosses northern Arizona on Sunday, cold air will invade the state from the Great Basin. The early WRF-NAM forecasts for 10-m winds on Sunday afternoon (November 16th) are shown above for 3:00 pm MST and below for 6:00 pm. The cold air brings quite strong winds out along the lower Colorado River area first on Sunday and then spreads across Maricopa County, with strong winds forecast for the Phoenix metro area by evening Sunday. It appears that freezing temperatures will return here along the Rillito in north Tucson early next week, bringing the second round of 32 F, or colder, morning lows for this Fall.

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