Monday, November 17, 2014

Freeze This Morning - Leonid Meteor Shower Tonight

It was very cold here in north Tucson along the Rillito Wash at sunrise this morning. Wore winter gear on my walk and was still a bit cold. Low temperature here at house fell to 25 F vs 36 or 37 F at the balmy NWS airport ASOS location. Other spots with readings in the 20s include the Sasabe RAWS site with a low of 25 F and the Empire RAWS site with a low of 24 F. In contrast, the low at the high-elevation, Mt. Hopkins RAWS station was only 38 F.

The Leonid meteor shower occurs tonight, with maximum activity expected after midnight. The early WRF-NAM forecast (above) of OLR indicates a forecast of mostly clear skies valid at 3 am MST. The WRF-GFS forecast is similar with only a bit of thicker cirrus out to the west. The outlook for the shower itself is that it will be a weak display this year.

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