Monday, November 24, 2014

More On Morning Lows

Russ Scott noted in a comment below: 

Hi Bob.
That 10 degree F observation along the San Pedro (at Fairbank) would not at all surprise me. I have a flux tower a few miles south of that site also right along the San Pedro and on a night like last night it is 15 to 20 degrees colder along the river than outside the riparian bottomland. I'll be able to check that when the data comes in tonight.
Stay warm,
I have posted a plot of minimum temperatures observed during the past 24-hours at MesoWest stations across southeast Arizona. Russ' comments are about the station in the San Pedro Riparian area that shows a min temperature of 9 F this morning. This is certainly a really cold spot if the observation holds up.

There were quite a few freezing and below temperatures across the colder parts of the metro area this morning (the blue shades).

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