Thursday, January 21, 2016

A Look To The Early Morning Skies

The precipitation pattern in the West continues flip-flopped wrt what might be expected for the current strong El Nino event. There is some hope that weather will return to southern Arizona at the end of the month.


From Carl Hergenrother:

Hi Bob,

Saw your post on the 5 planets visible in the morning. The Lemmon all-sky pic shows four planets. I attached an annotated version of the image below. I checked to see if Comet Catalina was visible (a little above the handle of the Big Dipper) but couldn’t see anything definitive. It is a nice fuzzball in small binoculars.

- Carl

The alignment is pictured above. Below is a sky-cam photo from mt. Lemmon a bit before 6:00 am. I am certainly no expert re star gazing, but I think that perhaps three of the five planets shown above (Jupiter, Mars, and Saturn) can be seen in the lower half of the sky photo - but that's just my guess. More expert interpretations most welcome.

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