Sunday, January 10, 2016

Seattle vs Minnesota

I just happened to see a snippet of the game that's underway in Minnesota and came out to check the surface obs, above - from 19 UTC.

Almost simultaneously Katie received the ad below, via email from Landsend.

The Lands’ End Expedition Parka: Polar-Vortex Tested … Polar-Vortex Approved At Lands’ End, outerwear isn’t just created in an office on paper; it’s literally tested in the harshest conditions possible. That’s good news for the over 50% of people surveyed who thought they needed to be MORE prepared this winter! There is no better way to prepare for a snowy, cold trek to the bus stop, office, or even the mailbox than with the Lands’ End Expedition Parka. This jacket was not only built to withstand the polar vortex, it was put to the test IN the polar vortex by Lands’ End experts!

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