Sunday, January 24, 2016

Weather For Playoffs and Our Long Term Prospects

A big day for Sports Bars and such as the NFL and AFL playoff games happen this afternoon and evening. The two winners go to Super Bowl 100 or something like that. The North Carolina stadium where the Cardinals play the Panthers got hit by the big eastern US storm, but workers were clearing snow on Friday, so it should just be cold for that game. (A side note - The Eastern or Florida Panther is the most endangered big cat in the world - with only a small population surviving in south Florida.)

Out west in Denver, the Broncos will play New England this afternoon. Conditions in Denver may bring a very slight chance of showers during the second half, but with falling temperatures and a threat of snow after the game.

Here in southern Arizona, the global models seems to be keeping a change back to wetter conditions out at 7 to 10 days (forecasts have been teasing us like this for about the last three days). Shown here are the operational GFS forecasts, from 06 UTC last night, of total precipitation for 7 days above (ending at 06 UTC on 31 January) and for 10 days below (ending at 06 UTC on February 3rd). The blue shades range from 3/4 to 1 1/2 inches. This seems almost like waiting for Christmas to little kids, but eventually it will get here.

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