Saturday, January 02, 2016

Brief Review Of 2015 Here At House

First - Visible image above is from 4:00 pm MST and indicates moist east flow with low stratus still backed into the northeast part of the Chiricahuas. Mike Leuthold reported earlier today that it was cold and dreary in Paradise.

The IR image below is for the same time and shows the system for the coming week approaching southern California this afternoon. The image above shows some cloudiness already developing along the lower Colorado. Image at bottom (from Atmo and Vaisala) shows detected CGs for 12-hours ending at 3:30 pm MST today - quite a bit of thunderstorm activity currently with this system.

Summary For 2015 Here

Yearly rainfall was 11.15 inches. The wettest three months were Jan (2.48"), Oct (2.44"), and Sep (2.11") - with the very active tropical storm season playing a big role for Sep and Oct. The driest three months were Feb (0.04"), and Mar and Apr (each at 0.18"). This was the first year since 2009 with measurable rainfall occurring in every month.

There were only four significant rain events here during the entire year (I'm using a half inch as criterion for a significant rain event). These were Jan 30/31 at 1.97"; Aug. 23 at 0.63", Sep 21 at 1.00" , and Oct 20/21 at 0.83". These four events produced 40% of the year's rainfall.

Severe thunderstorms, due to wind gusts, occurred on only two afternoons - May 2nd and Aug 11th, which is pretty mundane for the summer storm season.

Finally, morning low temperatures (probably up a bit here because of local changes due to plant growth and a new metal fence less than 10 ft north of my thermometers) continue much colder than those recorded at the nearly tropical airport NWS ASOS location. 

There were 53 mornings with lows of 32 F or colder - 37 of these mornings were "hard" freezes with temperatures of 28 F and colder, and 2 mornings back in January 2015 had lows in the teens (18 F on the 3rd and 19 F on the 4th). 

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