Friday, January 08, 2016

Brief Summary Of Yesterday And Also Past 5 Days

It has been quite some first week of January 2016 - the global models performed quite well for this stormy period, as opposed to their erratic and not very accurate forecasts during the last two weeks of December 2015. Flagstaff area picked up serious new snowfall and photo above is from this morning showing skiers at the Snowbowl in the San Francisco Peaks. In an earlier post I had mentioned the extreme precipitation gradient that the WRF was forecasting between Flagstaff and Winslow. This morning there was almost 1.50" difference between the 48-hour precipitation at the two locations with Winslow reporting only 0.06". 

Web cam view below, from the General Store in Summerhaven, shows heavy snow cover of an unknown amount.

Here at the house yesterday there was some thunder during the early afternoon but no snow or ice falling. Rainfall for yesterday was 0.92" and for the week was 1.33".  Ron Holle reported 1.47" yesterday with some flakes mixed in. His five day total was 2.16".

Above and below I've shown the metro sectors of the Pima County ALERT network for the past five days. Amounts were generally over an inch, with the stations around Redington Pass apparently receiving mostly heavy rainfall (2 to 4 inches). The Rillito was running quite nicely this morning. Manning Camp in the Rincons had quite a bit of rain and an unknown amount of snowfall.

A bit of sunny dry weather over the weekend would seem quite nice.

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