Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Brief Summary Of Yesterday's Weather Event

Kitt Peak is shrouded in low clouds at sunrise this morning, as seen in view above looking toward the south.

Yesterday's rain event was widespread, affecting all of southeastern Arizona with measurable precipitation. The two graphics here from the ALERT network (metro west above and east below) show that amounts for 24-hours ending at 5:00 am MST this morning were heaviest over the east and south portions of the network - note that event was entirely snow at Manning Camp in the Rincons.  Most all of the rain at lower elevations fell during early to mid-afternoon yesterday, although the event continued after 5:00 pm to the south and east of the metro area. The airport had 0.71", DM AFB had 0.62", Atmo measured 0.41", and we had only 0.34" here at the house (rain here was over by about 3:00 pm).

The QPF plumes from the 21 members' of the GFS ensemble 00 UTC forecasts are shown above. The models forecast continued unsettled weather as several 500 mb short waves come by during the rest of the week. The models forecast two distinct periods of rainfall at TUS - one tonight into tomorrow morning and then another during the day Thursday. The third period of rain at TUS is not as distinct, but occurs during the day on Friday. The model forecasts are directly reflected in today's early morning, NWS forecast for the airport - below.

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