Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Final On 2016

Here at the house we had 13.86 inches of rain - no snow observed. This was fifth wettest year during my record that begins in 1999. The heaviest precipitation event occurred on August 9th, with a total of 2.84 inches - more than 20 % of year's rain on this one day!

Severe thunderstorms (all with wind gusts over 50 kt) occurred on 25 and 26 June - with the wet microburst of the 26th being the most damaging event we've seen since we've lived here. This event was accompanied by rainfall of 1.45 inches in less than hour (so two summer days accounted for 31 % of the annual rainfall). Two more severe thunderstorms occurred in July on the 27th and 29th.

I don't keep high temperature records for various reasons, but the low temperatures here in the north part of the City are much lower than those at Atmo and the airport - Atmo appears to have had about 5 days with temperatures of 32 F or slightly colder and airport had 7 freezing days. In contrast, during just January 2016 there were 19 mornings with lows of 32 F or colder and 9 mornings with lows of 28 F or colder. The coldest mornings of 2016 occurred on November 30th and again on December 18th, when temperatures here dropped to 23 F - no lows in the teens, which makes this a somewhat unusual year.

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