Friday, January 06, 2017

Still More On 2016

Correction - I goofed up my report on coldest morning lows here at the house (apparently I accidentally flipped by February in my weather log) - The coldest two mornings during 2016 here were February 3rd and 4th when temperatures fell to 19 F and 20 F.

Peter - from southeast Tucson wrote:
Hi Bob: Here is my 2016 yearly data from my weather station stored on Wunderground:

Happy New Year!
 The location of Peter's weather station is shown above and its approximate position is shown below in a broader, Tucson, context.

The summary from about the past year (above) shows that this a 
warm location - although something seems to have gone awry in early December (below) when the station recorded 0 F as the low temperature.

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