Friday, January 06, 2017

Report From Mike Leuthold In Yellowstone

Mike sent some photos from Yellowstone - where it's more than 80 F colder than it is here in Tucson this morning (although folks in the Tree Lab might dispute that, since there's been no heat in their building all week).
My family and I are spending nearly a week here.  Pictures and words do no justice to the sensory overload of Yellowstone in winter.  Certainly the weather has been interesting with some snow followed by very cold air.  Low was -31F here with -43F over by the lake.  Morning ice fog too and everything is coated with frost from the fog and rime near the thermal features.  Highs have been in the low single digits and with sun and only light winds, it felt downright balmy today!  It's nearly impossible to see the water column from Old Faithful due to all the steam, but the column is very impressive and reaches far into the sky and impossible to capture with a camera.

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